How do you know if people trust you? You see they make “look” as though they like you…they may come to the pub with you, send you a Christmas card, smile to your face. But this is not the way to evaluate if you have a high trust culture or indeed are a leader who INSPIRES trust in others.

The way to tell is this:

If you have a HIGH TRUST culture, you will witness that things get done at HIGH speed and LOW cost.

If you have a LOW TRUST culture, your experience will be one of LOW speed and HIGH cost.

As a leader there are Four Ways to quickly improve your trust bank account, by focusing on:

  • Integrity
  • Intent
  • Capability
  • Results

Integrity is about walking your talk, being congruent and having the courage to act in accordance with your values and beliefs:

Have a think about:

  • Be honest in all your interactions
  • Demonstrate respect
  • Demonstrate loyalty and give credit to others
  • Celebrate the differences
  • Deliver bad news personally
  • Be clear on your values and stand up for them
  • Be open to learn new truths and tell people when you have rethought issues
  • Be able to consistently make and keep commitments to yourself

Intent is about having motives that are straightforward and based on mutual benefit. We build trust when we genuinely care for ourselves and others around us:

Increase your intent bank by:

  • Examine and be honest about your intent – don’t justify or rationalise decisions
  • Declare your intent
  • Admit mistakes
  • Welcome complaints
  • Be accessible
  • Reward what you want
  • Advocate for the team

Capabilities is about the abilities we have that inspire confidence in others. They are the means we have to produce results. Unless we are skilled in an area we will lack credibility in it.

To increase your capabilities bank:

  • Run with your strengths
  • Get better – seek feedback
  • Keep yourself relevant
  • Know where you are going

Results – our track record, performance and getting the rights things done are ways to prevent us diminishing our credibility. We establish a positive track record when we deliver what we promised.

So, to stack up the coin in this area:

  • Take responsibility for your results, no blame, denial or excuses
  • Clarify expectations
  • Make the call
  • Expect to win
  • Practice accountability (most people avoid it like the plague)


Sue “Trust is all that matters” McKenzie


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