People issues taking up all your time?

There are basically 2 types of team – those that play and stay together and those that make you want to weep and start rocking gently in the corner.

The first group are awesome. You love them, you like hanging out with them, they make you feel proud and the dopamine levels are high.

If you are there, then great stuff, keep rocking.

The second experience is less appealing.

It keeps you awake at night.

It saps your energy.

You keep being interrupted from doing the core business by people “issues”.

People complaining.

Turf wars.

Unnecessary emotion and backstabbing.

And worst of all a lack of energy around the goals, because focus is being mis-directed inwards.

There is no denying it, this is a biggie.

But it can be fixed.

It takes 90 days to build a culture and 5 days to destroy it – so no wonder, everything can be rosy one minute and falling around your ears the next.

So if sleep is your thing, and results are your goal, take a minute to think about the Momentum Planner™:

  • Environment: what experience are you looking you give your team and your clients in the marketplace? And how is it different? I mean really different from anyone else?
  • Communication: What methods do you use to tell people the above frequently (p.s. it’s no good if it only lives in your head or the back of the loo door)
  • Rituals: What rituals do you have that cement the culture into the team?

In my world having a plan to execute is way easier than churning over potential solutions in your head at 2am.

And even better than that…your team will thank you for it.

Sue “get a plan” McKenzie

And, whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you grow your agency team:

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