Is your thinking rigorous, adventurous and ambitious enough?

Is your thinking rigorous, adventurous and ambitious enough?

You see, it can’t all be about discipline. Hire disciplined people (‘cos you sure as hell can’t teach them to be disciplined – that ship has sailed), totally. Every time. Have a methodology for it in your recruitment process.

BUT I have seen disciplined people take massive disciplined action and still sink the ship.

Because they have no idea how to think.

Leadership is all about the study of consequences.

What tends to happen, is that someone rocks into your office, feathers plumed, saying they are keen to take on more leadership capabilities.
Great.  Here’s what you do.

Ask them to come back to you with 5 to 10 questions every day.

It will take you 5 questions to know if they are ready for leadership or not.
If they are not, what you will get is: questions that could have been answered by anyone in the business. They will be unable to demonstrate how the moving parts of the business work and could be pulled together to create opportunities and possibilities that will drive future growth.

This is the one quality you are looking for in people primed for leadership roles.

The ability to bring complex ideas together to form innovative outcomes is crucial if you are to have people in your team who will drive the business beyond the grey.

Much of success in business is not in simply playing the game but predicting the game.
And to do this, we need to be surrounded by people who understand how to study consequences and think beyond the conventional.

Because the alternative is deadly.

There is a challenge. The team think the challenge is a pain in the arse. They would rather it hadn’t come up. They bitch and moan about how unfair said challenge is (and how it is stopping them from going to lunch/the gym/home on time).
And yet, you and I know that challenges are inevitable. And that they are a gift. Because they give us the opportunity to think creatively, differently.  And often they are the catalyst for disruption that can create a wedge between you and your competitors.

Often the challenge we face is the hint we need to think strategically about where we are taking the business.

And by thinking with rigour, adventure and ambition we get to not only think outside the box, but to actually create a new box entirely.

Now’s that’s an example of Disruptive Leadership.

Because I am on a mission to help people understand the study of consequences and how their internal thinking patterns might be holding them back in this area, I am offering a small number of FREE Meta Dynamics TM profiles to you on a first come first served basis. Email me here for more details.

People often ask me for recruitment advice on how to attract and employ the very best talent, so I partner with Caroline Guthrie from Leith Consulting who understands that recruitment is a strategy and demonstrates rigour, adventure and ambition in how she develops those strategies with our clients. Read more here 




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