Increasing energy in your team

You walk into work and can feel the energy. The place is buzzing.

People are walking fast around the place and are laughing.

There is writing all over the boards where the team were brainstorming ideas early this morning, ready for the meeting with you.

The coffee is hot and good.

The anticipation is exciting and you feel energised.

The dream ends.


Unfortunately, this is what most leaders experience once in a while, not nearly frequently enough.

The conversations I have with our Momentum Group centre around how we, as leaders, set an environment where the energy of the team is sustained, without you having to do yucky motivational tactics all the time (really yucky).

Here’s the deal, we need to decide our standards and set the expectations or agreements (if you prefer, some people have an issue with the word expectation) for yourself and with the team.

Just to be clear, standards are the agreements you hold yourself accountable to, expectations/ agreements are the standards you hold others accountable to.

So let’s have a go right now:

What standards do you have? For example, one awesome client I worked with for 3 years had a standard of always being at his desk at 7am… and he was-everyday. Now question. So good.

A great thing about writing down your standards is that it allows you to see where you actually don’t have any standard… or where you have low standards. If you want better results in that area, it’s simple- just raise your standard in that area.

One thing I hear often is “I just can’t get everything done, I’m overwhelmed”.

So,,, my question would be, what are your standards around prioritising your time?

What are your standards around your mornings?

So go ahead, write your 10 standards down now…

Next – what are the agreements you have with the team, and crucially have you EVER communicated them?

If not here’s your chance….

How to do this? Think about how you want the team to be…if it’s about energy write an agreement around that…if it’s about quality, write something that talks to that…

One great example I love is “let results do the talking (i.e. don’t talk about the amazing chat with a potential client we just had – only spend time talking about it when they are signed up – guess what the problem in that sales team was? Yep, too much high fiving and not enough sales!)

So, go ahead, scribble between 5 and 10 down now…share them with the team today and then once all agreed, give feedback based on the agreements you have made.

Sue “energy flowing” McKenzie

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