Hiring for emotional aptitude

Hiring for emotional aptitude is an interesting one.

In the past I have made the mistake of hiring for credentials, you know, the person who has such an impressive story you just can’t ignore it – and despite some gut concerns you “go for it”…

Cut to a few days/weeks/months down the line and you are wondering how to turn it around – as their lack of emotional aptitude is having a discernible effect on the team.

Hard yards…

Being consciously aware of someone’s emotional aptitude is a life-saver.

We all have emotions. We all have lots of emotions. Some of us feel it’s our ‘right’ to express them, whenever we choose. Others believe there’s a time and a place.

Some people just never express emotion. And there is every shade in between these two spectrums too.

When you are looking to bring people into your team, we’ve created a check list of emotions to look for that support great culture:

  • Focus
  • Calm pressure
  • Enthusiasm for others
  • Enthusiasm for progress
  • Consistency of moods

On the other end of the scale, look out for the following, as they will detract and sap the energy from your culture:

  • Cynicism
  • Defeat
  • Lack of energy
  • Apathy
  • Stand offish in moments of triumph
  • Disapproving looks when people are spontaneous
  • Grouchy or moody
  • Inconsistent moods
  • Blow ups of anger
  • Judgmental attitude
  • Feelings of ill will
  • Hostility
  • Sulking

The lists aren’t surprising in themselves, and yet the conversation in the Agency Leaders Program this week was all about how to give feedback to people who were definitely more the second list than the first.

It’s surprising to me how often leaders let folks off the hook when they see this destructive behaviour; and yet it is very damaging.

Our teams want and NEED to see us dealing with the issues, they don’t trust leadership that turns a blind eye. And believe you me, they are a lot less forgiving than you are.

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All the best,

Sue “deal with it” McKenzie


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