Having your team behind you isn’t sustainable…

It’s funny how influential language is.

The saying “I have a great team behind me” is part of our cultural lexicon – although it feels slightly outdated somehow. Does it to you?


And yet, for the most part issues like:

  • My team keep coming to me to solve problems all the time
  • People keep asking me for next steps
  • The team is taking up so much of my time

These are all examples of having a team BEHIND you.

And you, as the leader, are the bottleneck in this case. You can’t be anything else.

It’s very frustrating for you and, even more importantly, it’s incredibly boring for the team.

They want to contribute more, think for themselves, get on with projects and get results.

But you are holding them up.

If this is you, the transition you want to make is to have the team out in front of you.

You do this is by having a Future Forward Focus:

  • What is our BIG goal for the year?
  • How is this broken down quarterly?
  • How does this translate to each member of the team quarterly?
  • What are our measurements…lead and lag?

The difference when you think about the results you want for the organisation from this vantage point, is that you are looking to a set point on the horizon; and are having conversations with the team around how you are tracking to get there.

And here’s the magic – they contribute to what’s working and what’s not working.

They help steer the ship.

They make adjustments as you travel towards the goal – which gives you a much better chance of actually hitting said result.

So, get your team involved in the bigger picture and they will help navigate you there.

Sue ‘team in front’ McKenzie

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