Do you attract time vampires?

Are you attracting time vampires…

I just got a message from someone saying their dog doesn’t even want to led by them, let alone their team…and they don’t have enough time to sort it out.

It’s tongue-in-cheek – but the same sort of thing comes up again and again.

And it intrigues me.

How come, we humans, who are pretty smart, think that by just digging deeper and going further down into the abyss we will somehow sort out said problem?

Doing more, faster, is NEVER the answer.

Apart from creating burnout, boredom and eventually resentment…it’s a fast ticket to not achieving the outcome you are looking for.

But many people adopt this strategy of convergent thinking, when the practice we want to adopt is divergent thinking: the ability to look up, stop and ask ourselves, “what is actually happening here?”, “what am I missing right now?” “where is my blind-spot around this” and how do I actually want this to be”?

All killer questions that move us from convergent to divergent thinking.

So let’s go back to time…

Instead of soldiering on (that’s not the answer). Here’s something you can do that will help you to answer the above questions.

Task: for the next 2 weeks, write down in a notebook, everything that you do everyday in 50 minute blocks.

WARNING: Yes I get it, you are hovering over the close button right now, thinking YUCK, no way am I going to do that, whilst looking for the bin to vomit in. OK, OK, I thought that too. 

BUT – if you are a leader, and if you are reading this far, I know you are. This is transformational.

We just did this in our mastermind group and the results were incredible. Here’s what happened:

  • All transactional items were delegated, and nearly everyone realised HOW much of this stuff was taking up their day. You have a team for a reason.
  • People found out what gives them anxiety – for one person it was email – they got someone else to do their email for them and communicate when something needed to be attended to. BOOM 10 hours a week created. (By the way, everyone can do this – even if you don’t have someone at work to help you, that’s why there are virtual assistants)
  • Meetings were time vampires, and so we implemented the 20-minute meeting protocol – again one person reported they have saved at least 8 hours per week
  • Focus on what actually matters, what actually will move the dial in terms of results in your team.
  • Uncover what your zone of artistry/excellence is…what are you great at, what do you love doing? Then work out how much of your time is spent here. The rule of thumb is that we spend at least 20-40% of our time here.

So, what are you going to uncover in the next 2 weeks?

Sue “time is the hidden treasure” McKenzie

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