Are you creating a culture of managers, or developing leaders?

Seems like a simple enough question, right? And yet when I ask my clients who their successor is, they often point to someone who is technically great at their job, but is a manager and not a leader.

You know you have a culture where management is rewarded when:

  • There is a lot of talk about how “busy” everyone is
  • Overwhelm, stress and anxiety reign
  • People leave to go to your competitors
  • People work on things only when there is a problem
  • They deal with day to day issues only
  • Things seem mundane
  • People are managed to “cope”
  • It’s all about “getting it done”
  • People are in reactionary mode

Don’t get me wrong…all businesses need management and competent managers.
Great ones are dynamos; they get things moving, they communicate with the team to keep them on track and they often give outstanding service to your clients

But it’s way beneath being enough.

The thing is, management without leadership drive can cause the culture to fall flat. Great people are disengaged, de-motivated and eventually leave the organisation.

The culture of momentum, possibility and innovation must be a constant.

Without it, everything becomes tasks and processes.
The joy fades.What was an adventure now becomes a job.

The number one reason to invest in your top people right now is because they are the fire-starters of the organisation.

They have the opportunity to ignite the culture.
And conversely they have the power to kill it.

You know which one you want to happen.

You want your leaders to be people who can:

  • Inspire others to lift their performance
  • Catch people doing the right thing and tell them so
  • Ignite a “buzz” about the place
  • Encourage and expect outrageously great performance
  • Talk about your team’s greatness and potential
  • Anticipate problems and look for opportunities to improve the business
  • Keep everyone focused on the Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • Enjoy the moment, the uncertainty, the possibilities
  • Know there is always a way
  • Talk about values and standards of excellence with each person in your team
  • See who your team are, as individuals, and see what they are capable of, even when they don’t see it themselves

Because in a world of convergence, where companies copy what each other are doing, focusing on leadership capabilities leads to differentiated culture. A culture where everyone “gets “ the importance of your standards and expectations. Without that, you’re just another company selling X.

One of the places to start developing the team is mentoring them in Emotional Intelligence.

A lot of people I meet are highly intelligent, like really brainy, but I call them dolphins.

Highly intelligent, but unable to communicate with humans.

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