Are you making leadership too hard?

I read leadership books every week.

At least one a week in fact.

And sometimes they make me mad. (Even though I always learn something).

Because there is a tendency for people to make this thing called leadership seem like a dark art. Complex, full of grey areas, and difficult to predict

And that makes me sad.

Because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the thing.

Work out where your team is at – spend time in the diagnosis, and you will see the pattern so clearly it will become obvious what you need to do.

Once you have the pattern, you have the recipe for how to create improvement, right?

It’s actually that simple.

So here’s how to diagnose where you and your team is at:

  1. Reliance – you will know if you as leader or your team are at level 1 because you will see people asking for permission to do stuff. Actions have to get signed off all the time, and people stick to their job descriptions like a life raft. The atmosphere is slow and can be one of fear.
  2. Relationships – here the primary motivator for the team is each other – are people happy is the most asked question? Important words for you and the team are: “collaboration”, “togetherness”, “kindness”, “fun” etc … All good, but don’t get stuck here because the downside is lack of focus on goals and results. If your team is un-resourceful level 2 you will be experiencing drama, people issues, emotional outbursts…and it’s very draining for the leader.
  3. Results – Now this is the first functional level…great. You will see people talking about the goal more than anything else; they will be thinking of innovative ways to reach the goal; they feel good about winning. There is clear energy at this level. But if it becomes un-resourceful you will see ego, hierarchy, turf wars and backstabbing going on. This can quickly slip the culture back down to level
  4. And finally the most functional level is Realisation or Interdependence – where people take responsibility naturally when they see opportunities. There is little or no hierarchy. The focus is on ideas, outcome and sustainable, ecological culture. The energy is naturally high, not artificially so. People love doing the job and there is a feeling of natural flow. Yes, there are disagreements and they are welcomed, because teams at this level see them for what they are – an expression of passion for the goal and never personal.

So tell me….where are you personally and where is your team right now?

Sue “make if simple” McKenzie

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