We work with leaders of creative, innovative organisations. With over 20 years’ experience running and working in creative agencies in the UK, NZ and Australia, I have intimate knowledge of what it takes to succeed in dynamic and challenging environments.

Having worked with industry leaders such as Saatchi & Saatchi in London, the maverick agency of St Luke’s at the height of their success, as Strategy Director at Carat London, and a myriad of other creative agencies throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how awesome cultures drive success.

But the thing is, high-performance cultures don’t just happen. Cultures that thrive on excellence are created. And to really break some glass ceilings, they need a different approach than the normal ‘beige’ model found in so many companies today.

What’s more, they take consistent dedication and passion to keep alive – from everyone in the organisation. From the most junior assistant all the way up to senior leaders, all members must unite behind the goals of the organisation, fight for outstanding results, and bring their A-Game every day to create something extraordinary.

With the right leadership, cultures like this flourish. Creativity flowers with new vibrancy, emerging leaders stand up to be heard, teams take responsibility for better results, and organisations reach new levels of excellence.

As Principal of Orange Coaching, it’s my role to help you create this kind of success. In my role, I work with leaders to challenge and ignite their potential. To connect their path with their vision of the business. And to provide a strategic path for innovation and commercial success in ever-changing environments.

As a professional coach, I have a thorough understanding of the complex nature of media, marketing, advertising, and communications landscape. And as a Professional Coach studying at Australia’s top coaching school, The Coaching Institute, I have the ability to deconstruct mindset barriers that may be in the way on both an individual and team level.

My work varies from 1:1 coaching, to group workshops, to business mentoring and consulting. I’m a lecturer at RMIT where I teach masters students about the future trends in the communication industry. Rounding off my mission to champion disruption in the leadership arena, I also hold an organising role for Shesays Melbourne, an innovative global networking group for women in the creative communications industry.

Get in touch with me using the link below – I’d love to hear from you.



Specialises in helping leaders in creative organisations achieve what they thought was impossible. We partner with our clients to create:

  • Leadership that inspires outstanding results
  • THE leaders of tomorrow, by using a proven model that shakes up the status quo and prepares organisations for change
  • Culture for high performance, that builds excellence not fear
  • Organisational structure, that doesn’t choke innovation but actively encourages it
  • A team of individuals who think beyond the day to day, can see the possibilities and have resilience to deal with challenges
  • Leaders who develop beyond their jobs … and achieve their true leadership potential
  • Organisations that lead the sector
  • Graceful Arrivals – where results are surpassed and the team feels included, positive and hungry for the next challenge


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