Are you a WHO person, or a HOW person?

There are two types of leader, those who are WHO people and those who are HOW people.

And one gets much better results than the other.

Let me explain.

HOW people love to find out more, do research, follow the steps and have the belief that they need to know how to do things themselves. They often think “it’s quicker if I just do this myself now”; and “I need to know how to do this myself first”.

It’s not surprising that most people fall into this category…we are taught through our education system, societal norms, and lack of leadership nouse that this is the way to go.

It serves us well when we are starting out in our careers…but once we get to a more senior position, it can be the death knell of our careers.

Why? Because you quickly become the bottleneck to your team, preventing them from contributing beyond their position descriptions and causing resentment and lack of trust to boot.

Sue “WHO knew” McKenzie

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